Additive Incompatibility


An insect can be infected with more than one infection type...

An example is Aedes albopictus (Asian Tiger Mosquito), which is naturally infected with both the wAlbA and wAlbB Wolbachia infections (see the ‘IH’ strain in the adjacent figure).  This is called ‘superinfection’ and is illustrated by the blue-and-red circle.

An additional ‘IK’ strain of Ae. albopictus is infected with only the wAlbA Wolbachia infection (illustrated by the red circle).

The uninfected (aposymbiotic) ‘UT’ strain was generated via antibiotic treatment of mosquitoes.

The figure illustrates the typical results of a PCR amplification used to diagnose Wolbachia infection type.

The cross pattern between the three infection types is...